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you stormed into orochimaru’s base.

a ten year old girl. going about like the biggest and scariest badass there was.

and truthfully, you kinda were.

you had him. you finally had that bastard. no way was he ditching you again.

kicking down every door you passed, you searched vigorously for that jerk of a brother.

‘he promised!’ you hissed in your thoughts.

‘he fucking promised that he would never leave me behind!’


you were five when you were freed from that giant test tube you rested in.

already capable of mangekyo sharingan through the torturing experiments you went through, you were deemed dangerous to the konoha and were to be exterminated.

but the hokage, regardless of the advice given by both medical ninja and the anbu black ops, saw you just as he saw sasuke; a soul who must be protected.

the medical ninja confirmed you as Sasuke’s little sister; the hokage thought he should take you to the academy, but he didn’t tell you why.

as the old man led you down the hall of the academy, you grew terrified.

where was he taking you? what was he planning?

the pair of you walked into a room that had a man with his hair tied back and spiked; you tilted your head at the scar that went across the bridge of his nose.

“may we speak to sasuke uchiha please, iruka?” the old man asked.

the man, iruka, glanced at you then nodded to the hokage with a smile.


suddenly, you turn your head swiftly to the movement from the seats; a boy with raven hair and dark eyes stood, a frown that seemed irrasable on his pale face. as he began to walk towards you, you noticed all the girls eyeballing him; you were seriously confused, what was so special about him?

as you, the old timer and the boy left the room the boy glanced at you with cold-stone eyes.

“what’s this about?” the boy asked bitterly as he looked up at the hokage.

“Sasuke, this is _____; she’s your sister,” the old man murmured gently.

shock overtook sasuke’s face as he took a step back, his gaze shifting from you to the old giza and back.


“she was found in a laboratory last night; we still don’t know what happened to her, all we know is she’s capable of more than just the sharingan.”

the boy stared at you for a while, then knelt down to your height.


you nodded as you took a step closer.


he smiled and nodded his head; you smiled widely as you glomped the raven-haired boy. he hugged back, crying as a huge smile was spreaded across his lips.

~end of flashback~

you gritted your teeth as the tears flowed down your cheeks.

you knew exactly who experimented on you and you knew exactly what you’re capable off.

but sasuke, so hell-bent on revenge; you saw him as an idiot for joining a freak who would just killed him before his goal is reached.

you growled as you kicked another door down; empty.

‘where is he?!’

you stormed further down; you didn’t care if you faced orochimaru, you’ll just give him the “what for” since he tortured you.


“Sasuke-nisan!” you cried out, the tears soaking your face as three older kids cornered you.

“tsk! calling for help. how weak!” one of the boys said as they crept closer.

“get away from her!”

you looked past the three older kids and saw Sasuke running towards them.

you gasped and covered your eyes, crying harder as the sounds of the fight endured.

after a moment, you felt gentle arms wrap around you as a hand stroked your (h/l) (h/c) hair.

“shhh, it’s okay, _____. it’s okay…” you slowly opened your (e/c) eyes and looked into sasuke’s dark ones.

“s-sas-suke ni-nisan…” you mumbled out as you buried your head against the boys chest.

“shhh, there there… they won’t bother you anymore, _____, don’t worry…”

Sasuke picked you up and carried you away from the scene as you quietly sobbed. you heard Sasuke hum a song quietly to you, slowly lullabying you; pretty soon you were asleep in the boys arms.

~end of flashback~

it’s been five years since you and sasuke were introduced to each other, but three years were spent when he foolishly sought out more power.

you slammed your foot into the door, revealing a hall of some sort.

you cautiously looked around for signs of movement.


you looked up and sneered. the same raven-haired boy sat on the snake carving in the room, his eyes baring the sharingan as he watched you curiously. he wore a strange black coat with red clouds on it; you were unfamiliar about it.

“how did you get here?”

you didn’t answer; you stared at him, your teeth gritting as the tears flowed faster down your face.

“______? how did you get here? did anyone see you?”

you heard his voice full of fear and bit your tongue.

“you jerk…” you finally replied.

“you good-for-nothing back-stabbing traitor!”

he stared at you, shocked evident in his eyes as a tear streaked down his cheek. he was about to say something until you intervened.

“i trusted you! you made a promise that you’ll never leave me! that you would never forget me because of your revenge! you pinkie-promised! you jerk! you pinkie-promised and you broke it! you lied about it!”

the tears flowed down faster down your face as you collapsed to your knees, unable to move from the physical and emotional pain.


“sasuke-nisan,” you called from your doorway, a deep sadness in your heart.

“____? what’s wrong?” Sasuke asked as he saw your sadness.

“why do you want to kill itachi-nisan…? why are you so sure he wanted to kill everyone…?”

you questioned itachi’s actions done to your clan; for some reason, you didn’t think it was something he wanted to do, but more was forced to do.

“... i don’t know…” sasuke admitted as he stared at the ground.

“i guess because, since that day, i didn’t feel worthy of anything… so i wanted to prove itachi wrong…to prove that i was a worthy opponent and to kill him for what torture he’s inflicted…”

you nodded in response; you were expecting that answer. he wrote it in all his notes for the academy. you fought back the tears as the thought made you wonder if sasuke was going to forget you for his revenge, to leave you alone in a place where ninjas wanted to kill you.

you felt the boys arms pull you into a comforting hug as he kissed your forehead; you quietly sobbed as you clung onto Sasuke’s shirt.

“hey, it’s okay, ____,” he whispered in your ear, stroking your (h/c) hair .

“s-sasuke nis-san?” you murmured though your crying.


you held your pinkie out as you looked into sasuke’s midnight eyes.

“p-pinkie promise that you’ll never ever leave or forget me because of your revenge?”

Sasuke gave you a gentle smile as he interlocked his pinkie with yours.

“pinkie promise.”

~end flashback~

sasukes arms held you tightly to his chest as he stroke you (h/c) hair; you heard him quietly crying as he rested his head on yours.

“i-i’m sorry…” he murmured in your ear.

“i-i’m so sorry… i never w-wanted to hurt you…”

you buried your head against Sasuke’s chest and cried as his arms around you tighten.

after a moment the two of you settled down; sasuke shifted so he sat cross-legged on the stone floor while still holding you to his chest.

“i never forgot about you, ____….” you heard the boy whisper; you looked up with bloodshot eyes.

“i never forgot… all i wanted was to keep you safe, to make sure itachi would never learn of you… but…”

he lowered his head as he took a shaky breath in.

“i-i guess it was myself i should’ve protected you from… i’m so sorry, ____…”

you sighed as you rested your head against his chest.

“i-i forgive you… under one condition…”

“what would that be?”

“you never leave me again...”

you heard Sasuke laugh quietly and he hugged you tighter.

“i definitely promise.”


sasuke left orochimaru’s base with you asleep in his arms, walking directly towards the a couple of strangers.

“huh… so she came after all,” the silver haired man muttered, his violet eyes rest on your form.

“wow, and only ten years old?” the red-headed woman questioned as she adjusted her glasses.

sasuke smiled.

“don’t let her age or appearance fool you,” sasuke murmured.

“if she was given a chance, she would’ve torn orochimaru apart…”

“hey, as much as i understand that orochimaru is our enemy, i have to ask what she’s got against him…” the violet-eye boy lazily spoke as he stood straight and stretched.

sasuke grinned but didn’t reply. he walked on through the thicket of the woods with you in his arms still.

“suigetsu, karin, come. we’ve wasted enough time here.”

as they followed, you opened one of your eyes and peered at the two, smirking.

“what i have against orochimaru?” you murmured as you activated the mangekyo sharingan, both suigetsu and karin stopped in their tracks, terrified.

“honestly, nothing. i just wanted to test my eyes on him...”
picture belongs to Ar Ua

sasuke uchiha, suigetsu, orochimaru and karin belongs to naruto creator

you belong to yourself


i was bored, but my mind can't think for the Killer X Fox story right now.

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